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New DX Code of Conduct

My amateur station supports the Code of Conduct for DX operators. 


CB Radio & Emergency Services

Being apart of an emergency service, I'm always saying they should take communications more seriously and shouldn't be using CB radios as their main communications needs. There are many reason why CB radios shouldn't be used for this type of things. Yes I hear some of you saying CB radios can play a very important part in emergency communications but there are limits to these radios.

1. They are low powered radios. Only 5 watts output

2. The general public has full access to these radios and thus can interfere with emergency communications.

CB radios have their place for emergency services needing the publics help they can turn to the CB but running full operations on the CB bands could be dangerous and cost someone their life.

Here in Australia amateur operators can turn to WICEN for emergency communications and there is also a number of other groups that service CB users like ACREM and CREST. I'm also a member of ACREM even thou I'm a member of an emergency service that are a part of CREST I feel CREST was not able to help me, in fact the dealings I have had with CREST have been very poor and not a group I would deal with. The service in question needs to open itself up to ALL communications support groups so to better service the public. I have always had issues with groups that are closed and not welling to deal with others. When you think of it, these groups are there to help and listen to the public. They are not there to be telling the public, eg: do it our way or bugger off. This does NOT help the public.

CB radios, whether HF (27MHz) or UHF (477MHz), have there place in emergency services but should be used in a limited way and not as the main source of communications. You can never stop the public from listening but the public should never be able to talk to you unless asked too. When you can go into any shop and buy a radio without any questions should be enough to have bells going off in ones head. There are way to many idiots out there and the last thing any emergency service needs is for these same idiots being able to interfere with your emergency communications.


Is This The Best Mobile Station?

I was going though and looking on Google images the other night and came across a photo of a mobile amateur station and had to look further into it.

When I loaded the website I came across one of the best mobile communications setups I've seen in many years now. This is the type of setup all emergency agencies should have here.

Take a look at the setup on W5FFP's blog This guy knows how to setup a mobile communications stations.



Amateur Radio News

Here is where I will be posting news on the world of Amateur radio in Australia. So keep an eye on this page for further updates.


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