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The Wouxun KG-UV920P

The other week I purchased myself a new dual band (VHF/UHF) radio. I was torn between two radios, the Icom IC-208H and the Wouxun KG-UV920P. The IC-208H was going for $395 and the Wouxun $349. I ended up picking the Wouxun only because I already had another Wouxun radio, the KG-UV6D. I could not fault my other Wouxun radio and the KG-920P had a couple of features that interested me whereas the IC-208H didn't have. But in saying this I have found a couple of things I think the KG-UV920P needs improving on.

The first thing I found is a problem with the radio is it's low audio. The audio out of the speakers on the transceiver just isn't loud enough once the car is moving at highway speeds. You can use the speaker in the microphone but the quality out of it isn't the best. Even plugging in a couple of external speakers (the radio has two speaker outputs for each band) the radios audio just isn't loud enough. I'm in the process of building a couple of audio amplifiers to boost the audio so I can hear the radio with.

The other problem is with the off set settings. You can set the off set frequency for each band. if you set the off set on band 1 for 600kHz for VHF repeaters you can't use that off set on band 2. I think it would be great if you can set the off set in the programming of the radio for each band and be able to use them on either of the bands. I noticed this issue when I tried to have band 1 on 146.500MHz and band 2 on 146.900MHz with a -600kHz off set. I wasn't able to do this because band 2 had it's off set set for the UHF bands off set of 5MHz. I was able to have the radio work on two VHF frequencies by simply having the repeater frequency on band 1 and the simplex frequency on band 2. This worked but it would be great to have the radio work out the which off set to use by it knowing whether it's VHF or UHF tuned in by either VFO.

I know thw work around with the off set problem but it would be better if the radio worked this out itself without the user having to worry about this. I'm sure it would be a simple software upgrade to the radio and hopefully Wouxun does improve these two issues I find an issue with the KG-UV920P.


New Radio

After many months of using a hand-held radio in my car I finally got myself a radio for the car. I can now use my hand-held radio for just that, a hand-held radio.

For months I was using my dual band Wouxun KG-UV6D radio in my car. I had a external speaker mic for it so I didn't have to hold a radio up while in the car. I have found my Wouxun hand-held radio to be a good little radio. It's a cheap radio but performed like the any of the more costly radios from Icom or the other bands. For only $169 how could you go wrong with it?

So when it came to getting a radio for the car I had my eyes on either an Icom IC-208H dual band radio or the Wouxun KG-UV920P dual band radio. Both radios had removal control heads as standard but with the Wouxun radio, unlike the Icom radio, the microphone connected to the control head whereas the Icom the microphone connected to the radio unit and you needed to spend about $80 on a cable to extend the microphone cable. This made the Icom radio much more costly up against the Wouxun radio. In fact the Icom radio would have cost me (complete with the microphone cable) over $460. This made the new Wouxun KG-UV920P radio look really good and for $349 it was going to be much cheaper and with the Wouxun you could turn the radio into a cross-band repeater with a couple of clicks. Something you couldn't do with the Icom.

I had a very good think about it and when I looked at it the Wouxun was the way to go. Besides, I already owned a Wouxun radio and I'm very happy with it.

Anyhow the radio turned up this morning and this started the long process of fitting it into my car. It took a coup.e of goes to get the control head into the place I liked without doing any damage to the car. One very important thing I wanted to make sure I did.

As you can see I already have a couple of radios in my car. The radio on the left is a UHF CB radio (limited to 5 watts) and is also connected to the NSW VRA radio network. The radio in the middle is the new Wouxun KG-UV920P dual band (VHF & UHF) radio I fitted today. The radio on the right is another radio used for the NSW VRA radio network. As I'm a member of the VRA and I take care of my squads radios I'm allowed to have these radios installed into my car. I have three antennas mounted on the rear of the car. It's a car the stands out when you see it on the roads. Not because of the antennas on it but because of the way they are mounted on the car. The antenna brackets have been specially made so two of the antennas don't hit the rear spoiler. 


Lake Cullulleraine Weekend Photos

I have finally posted the photos of my weekend away with the Sunraysia Radio Group at Lake Cullulleraine a couple of weeks ago.

You can check the photos out at my Flickr page here.


Sunraysia Radio Group's March Meet Up

Had our March meet up today and again it was a great day. The weather was much cooler than last weekend's away trip to Lake Cullulleraine, a nice 21º in Mildura.

We had a good turn out and it's great to sit down and talk with other amateurs. It's a great way to learn from those that have been doing it longer than I've been alive. I was lucky enough to win the raffle again this month. Our raffle master, Ray VK3HSR said he was going to ban me from next months raffle lol. Its so great to be able to sit and talk with these guys and share stories.



Lake Cullulleraine

I've just returned from my weekend away with the Sunraysia Radio Group (SRG) at Lake Cullulleraine.

It was a very enjoyable weekend and I can't wait for the next one. I end up taking some 160 photos. Like I said in my earlier post is I will be posting them to my Flickr account. I will post a link once I've gone through them and posted them.

It was a lot of fun and we learnt something about the local area. They were a great lot of guys and girls (the wife's). This is the reason I got back into amateur radio, most operators are friendly and willing to help others. Like all things there are some that thinks its ok to treat others bad. This is not the case with SRG.

Anyhow once I get the photos up ill post a link to them here.