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Station Re-design Pt 3

Here is a photo of my antenna mast after I completed the moving and replacing of some of the antennas on it on Sunday. I still have one more antenna to do but I need to wait for a friend to help me make the ground plains for it. Once that job it done I'll be finished on this part of the antennas. My next job will be to install a 5 element beam for the 2 metre band which will be going just under the current antenna I have up for that band. Then I can say I've totally completed my station (for now anyhow).



Station Re-design Pt 2

Today I got stuck into things again and had a mate come around with a forklift so I could service and change a couple of antennas around on my mast. I've gotten almost all the antennas completed but still waiting on one other little job to be done and I can install that antenna. There are a few adjustments needed like my IC-7000 is to be mounted lower and not where it's sitting now (on top). I need a separation cable and a control head mount to finish that radio off. The other radios on top need to be mounted better but I'll finish that when I do the Icom.

Here is a photo of the cabinet I made for my station. Now you can't see all the wires and cables, so it's looking much neater. 




Station Re-design

After looking at my station and seeing how neat others are I've decided to re-design mine. Once finished you won't see any of the cables or wires, just the radios. The new design will have an antenna patch board so I can have quick access to the outside antennas for testing radios on the air. it will also allow quick access to my dummy load and even a connection to connect my frequency counter in plus allow for one spare antenna connection. 

The new board will also have a switching panel installed so I can switch the microphone & PTT to the radios allowing me to use one microphone and PTT switch for all radios. This will save me having to have microphones hanging around for each radio. Next to this switch I'll be installing an antenna switch so I can switch between my 2m/70cm vertical antenna and a 5 element yagi for the same bands I'm planning to put up in the next month. This antenna, at the start, will be pointed toward Robinvale so I can access the 2m repeater (VK3RVL) there all the time. I will later be pointing it towards Swan Hill to access that repeater (VK3RSH) once I have the repeater here on the air (which I'm hoping will be some time in the second half of this year). More on the repeater project for here coming in later posts.

I'll have photos of my new designed station once it's completed and installed. The only hold up is the separation cable and control head mounting bracket for the Icom radio.


Taking Shape

After many months of hard work my repeater project is starting to take shape. I have gotten the approval to use the towns water towers to house my repeater. I have gotten hold of a couple of Tait TM8110 VHF radios which I'm turning into an amateur 2 meter repeater.



I just have to get the controller for the repeater so the two radio can talk to each other. I should have this repeater working by the end of June and hopefully on the air by years end. I must say I'm enjoying working on this project even thou it's taking time to complete but becaue I lot of it is out of my hands it's not turning into a boring project. I just need to hope those that said they will help will come through, if not this project is going to fall over big time. It's cost me a few hundreds already with more cost to come. So I'm really hoping all goes well. If not there will be a repeater up for sale.


Power Supply Failure

Last week while working on the power supplies I had one of my units fail. This effected all of my radios. I had to put all equipment onto the one power supply which meant I was putting all the load onto one supply. Not an idea thing to do.

I normally have two power supplies running so that I can have the load across two instead of just one power supply. I'm looking at getting another power supply so that my Icom radio can have it's own power supply. Even thou I have all my radios on one power supply it's not like I would be transmitting on all of them at the same time. Besides the other radios only have a current draw of around the 8 amps mark and the power supplies I'm using are rated at 23 amps with a peak of 25 amps. So one power supply would be able to run two radios in transmit mode at the same time without a problem. It would be a problem is I wanted to transmit on the Icom radio at the same time. It draws about 15 amps while transmitting. This is why I want it on it's own power supply.

I'm hoping down the track to have all radios operating via battery so if the power goes out my the radio operate. At present if there is a power outage I will lose all radios unless I get a generator in to run the power supplies. Something I'm working on slowly. no need to hurry these things.