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Last Sunday it was AGM time for the Sunraysia Radio Group (SRG). This was the second one I've been two and this year it was a lot more enjoyable as I knew a lot more of them. Last year I was just a newbie to the club but this time around I had meet a lot of them at the monthly meet ups.

At the AGM I was nominated for one of the 3 positions on the committee. A position I was happy to take. This just means I need to travel to Mildura once a month for meetings. So doing this it just means I'll be traveling to Mildura twice a month. I'm going to looking forward being able to help direct my local club and hopefully bring some new ideas to it. The first couple of meetings will be just a sit, listen and learn until I understand how things are done.

I never got any photos at the AGM. The AGM was at the Mildura Workman's Club.


Radio Installation Completed

Today I received my separation cable and control head mounting bracket for my IC-7000 radio. This now enables me to complete the installation of the radio into my cabinet as show in the photo below.


This now just leaves me to the designing of my microphone/PTT switch so I only need one microphone and PTT for the radios. This is going to take a little more time which will give me something to keep me out of trouble :)

I have ordered a cooling fan for the IC-7000 to help with cooling seeing it's now mounted under my desk. These radios don't seem to run cool and I've noticed when talking over a length of time it gets a little hot. I've read where others have added cooling fans to these radios to help keep the a little cooler.


The Love Hate Relationship With Telstra

My latest dealings with Telstra. Read about them on my personal blog


SRG June Meet Up

I wasn't going to go to this months Sunraysia Radio Group's monthly meet up but I woke up this morning and thought bugger it, we'll head over. I guess I'm just going to be charged another fee by the bank this month.

This months meet up was at Ray's (VK3HSR) place. It was a good turn out and yet again very enjoyable. It's nice to sit back and catch up with everyone.

Below is a photo of Ray's antennas. Nothing over the top and a simple set up that works well. You don't need over the top antennas, just one good one.


Just a few of us cooking lunch and talking.


Next months meet up is AGM time at the Workmans Club in Mildura. This will be a stay over night in Mildura visit as the AGM there is normally activities planned which can take up the afternoon and it's safer to stay over night then to drive home and worry about the wildlife on the road.



Good Feedback

It's been almost a week since the redesign of my station. Not that I want to keep going on about it but I've had a few people look at it and have gotten a good feedback from them. My local VRA vice captain (used to be the captain) said it was a great design and improvement on what my station used to look like. I've even gotten a good report from others high up in the local community, which is great. Even thou I still have a couple of things left to do it's still great I've gotten these good reports. My station will be able to handle emergency communications if it's needed. It's not just going to be an amateur radio station, I want it to be a complete station that can handle emergency communications.