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2m and DMR Repeaters

Well it's been a long time since I've posted anything. I've been busy working on a few projects. I now currently have my 2m repeater on the air after 5 plus years with nothing hapepning. I ask a friend if he could help me after he had jsut rebuilt the Swan Hill 2m repeater. After about 8 months we had a repeater working. I was lucky enough to have Tait Australia donate two radio units for the repeater. They gave two brand new FM/P25 TM9200 radios. We have the repeater on the air at my QTH while testing and making sure it's working the way it should be before we install it on site, on top of the water towers in the centre of my town. I'm hoping to get it fully finished this month, August.


I have also been working on my MMDVM hotspot that I use for DMR. This is a high powered hotspot, about 6 watts output. I call it a Mini Repeater which is operating at my QTH. It has coverage of my town. I'm also working on building a full sized DMR repeater. This is a project I'm working on slowly. I've also got other projects on the planning table.


FM - VK2RBL 146.7250Mhz offset of -600kHz

DMR - VK2RPH 438.3250Mhz offset of -7MHz

POCSAG - VK2RPH 439.1250MHz