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Remote Antenna Switch

A couple of months back I built myself a remote antenna switch so I could change antennas without having to go outside and manually change antennas. This switch was to allow me to switch between my vertical dual band VHF/UHF antenna and my VHF beam. The switch was made from 4 relays with would switch between antennas.

Well after a lot fo testing and a few issues I've now found that the relays are not good for use on the VHF or UHF bands. The remote switch work great on HF frequencies but nothing higher than about 50MHz. After that the VSWR rises too high, around the 2.1 mark. On HF the VSWR is perfect, 1.1.

So now I have to rethink the way I remotely change antennas. I now have to look at costly coaxial relays. These can cost upwards of $200 plus. So for something I thought I coudl build it turns out I can't, well not with the type of relays I've used. I now have to save money to be able to purchase a coaxial relay. For my planned VHF/UHF antenna system I'm going to need two of these coaxial relays. This will allow me to switch between my vertical dual antenna, a vertically mounted yagi and a horizontally mounted yagi. I just won't be able to have a spare output for when I'm testing an antenna but I can work around this anyhow.

I love working on the VHF bands but when it comes to bulding these type of things the band can be very hard unlike the HF bands where it's much easier. The fun and games when playing with radio frequencies :)