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The Work Continues

The work continues on my antenna system. Over the Easter weekend I had a friend over to help me pull down my 2m yagi antenna and do some work on the mast. I have been able to get it up a little higher. 

Since doing all the works like changing the coaxial cable, rebuilding the remote antenna switch and now getting the antenna up about a metre higher I'm able to key up the Robonvale 2m repeater, almost 24/7. This repeater is about 80kms west of my QTH and I use to only key this repeater when there was good tropospheric ducting around. My VHF antenna system has been a big headache for me. First it was the loss of range and then a VSWR issue. The biggest issue was coaxial cable losses, losing almost 20 watts in the coax was a big eye opener and then my remote antenna switch I had more losses. A redesign fixed that issue and replacing the coax with very low loss coaxial cable dropped the losses from 20 watts to just 2 watts. 

Over the last few months of going through all the issues I've learnt a lot when it comes to feed line losses. It's made me not just redesign the remote antenna switch but also redesign my antenna connection box. It's even made me rethink the replacement works for one of my CB antennas. I'm now not just replacing the damaged antenna but I'm going to replace the coaxial cable for both my 27MHz and UHF CB antennas with low loss heliax cable. It might be a little over kill for CB antennas but while I'm doing the works I may as well do the job fully. 

Oh well the work never stops :)