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If It's Not One Thing, It's Another

As you will know, I've been having a few issues with my VHF/UHF antenna system. Well since my last post I've been able to change the coaxial cable from the antenna switch and antenna. I had a couple of little issues but I got the job done with out help. Mind you I don't think I'll be doing it again with out help. In saying that no one seems to want to help. I guess this is why my tower hasn't gone up, just can't get anyone to help and do the jobs I need to be done. It's like you can't rely on anyone. 

I have came up with another problem. I've been too busy worried about power losses in my system I haven't been checking the VSWR of the system. I have since checked this and found it was a little too high for my liking. My remote antenna switch is a part of the problem and the other is my antenna connection box on my mast. It's like I just can't get it right regardless of what I do. I guess you could say I'm not as smart as I thought I was. Story of my life.

Today I ordered a coupel of parts so I could change one part of the system, I really can't fix the other part of the problem as this would mean replacing my remote antenna switch with a purchased one. To purchase one would cost me about $300 delevered and I don't have that amount of money laying around. So it looks like I'll just have to put up with it and see how it goes. I'm just adding it to the list of stuff ups. I've replaced all the RG213 I had in the system with LDF450 and I've been able to remove the large losses but I just can't seem to get everything right. 

When I was redesigning and building my microphone/PTT switch I was having issues getting it to work fully. I ended up put it in the draw for a couple of months hoping having a rest from it might help. After a the time away I was able to bring it back out and find the problem within minutes. I think it's time to do the same thing, walk away from the radios for while and come back to it after a break. I think this might help again. So I think I will leave the radios off for a while and come back to them later. I can only try it and see how I go. It can't hurt anyone.