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A WIA Learning Facilitator

The other week I filled out paperwork with the help from my local radio club to become a WIA Learning Facilitator. On the weekend I sat down and did some reading and the online assessment. On Monday 1st August 2016 I received an email from the WIA telling me I've passed the assessment and will be issued with my Learning Facilitator's ID. On Tuesday 2nd of August 2016 I recieved the email with my Learning Facilitator's number.

As of today, Tuesday 2nd August 2016 I can now help with the assessments of people wanting to get an amateur radio licence or simply people just wanting to upgrade their current licence. I can't run an assessment as I must have an assessor with me but I can help with setting up and filling out paperwork and marking the assessment.

I've always been happy to help others and me becoming a Learning Facilitator I can help those in my area that want to get into this wonderful hobby. Amateur radio is a wonderful hobby and unlike CB radio it's regulated and without the usual idiots. Of course there can be idiots on the amateur bands but they don't last long.

I'm happy to help anyone in the Mildura, Ouyen, Robinvale/Euston, Swan Hill, Kerang and of course Balranald. I already have a couple of people waiting to do their upgrades and hopefully they'll be able to do their upgrades much sooner now. In the past if someone, say, living in Swan Hill had to wait until someone from Mildura could come over to Swan Hill to conduct the assessment. There is an assessor in Swan Hill but you need two people to run an amateur licence assessment. They can be either two assessor's or one assessor and one Learning Facilitator but it can't be done with two Learning Facilitators. Mildura has one assessor and a couple of Learning Facilitators. Now with me being a Learning Facilitator people don't have to wait until someone is free from Mildura. I can help the assessor in Swan Hill. This of course will save time and hopefully allow assessments to be done much quicker.

I'm hoping to complete my assessors training so once I do my upgrade to advance I will become a WIA assessor and be able to hold assessments. Currently to be an assessor you must hold a top level amateur licence, Advance. To be a Learning Facilitator you can hold a Standard level licnece which is what I currently hold. A Learning Facilitator can hold an advance licence if they only what to be a Learning Facilitator.

So if you live in my area and would like to sit for your amateur radio licence regardless of the level, Foundation, Standard or Advance I can get things started for you. I look forward to helping anyone that wants to join this wonderful hobby.

WIA Learning Facilitator No. LF-090