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Remote Antenna Switch

Today I finally got to finish one of my projects, my antenna switch. This switch is so I can switch between antennas once I get my tower up. I'm planning to have 3 antenna up on the tower, well in fact I will have 4 antenna but one of them will be my FM broadcast antenna so I can receive out of area FM broadcast services from Swan Hill or Mildura. The other 3 antennas will be for 2m, 2 will be 10 element yagis. One for vertical signals which will be FM and another yagi horizontal signals mainly for SSB use. I will also move my current vertical omni-directional antenna which will be on the very top of the tower. So I need to be able to switch between these three antennas from inside. Doing this will also save me a bit of money as I won't have to have three runs of RG213 coaxial cables running into my shack, I will only need one length. 

So today I finally got to finish this switch. Well I've built the box and installed the relays. It's not totally finsihed as I still have to install one more relay and purchase a switch so I can use inside my shack. 

I have got some big plans but most of them I need to rely on others to help and this is when things seem to fall down. Like I've said before, before the tower can go up I need to build a second 10 element yagi and work out how I'm going to be able to turn the antennas without using a rotator. Once that's done I then need to get the base of the tower fixed so it can be installed. Then and only then can I start the works of putting the tower up. It's going to be a big day when it happens and I can't wait. It will make my station much better and give me much bigger coverage.

With the tower project I won't be removing or pulling down my current antenna mast which currently holds my CB radio antennas. My 27MHz and UHF CB antennas plus a couple of receive only antennas and a couple of UHF test antennas. The tower will only be holding my 2m (VHF) antennas at the start and then I might install a testing antenna for VHF but I'm not sure at the moment. it's something I'm still thinking about it. So currently it will be only holding 4 antennas, 3 yagis and one dual band (2m & 70cm) omni-directional antenna.

So things are slowly coming together. Just doing little things at a time as it's not like I have a money tree in the backyard. I wish I did thou :)