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Thunderstorms Are Not Good

A couple of weeks ago, Balranald was hit by a big thundersotrm. There was heaps of lightning, in fact the most I've seen since leaving Esperance, WA. Like with all thunderstorms I do disconnect my antennas so to hopefully protect my radios. When it comes to my HF antenna, my G5RV, I disconnect it in two places. One at the antenna connection box and another at the antenna. 

This thunderstorm hit after a very warm day with dust and very low humidity. After the storms had passed I decided to reconnect the antennas. It was when I went to do the HF antenna at it's base was when I copped an all mighty kick. Because of the low humidity the antenna stored the charge from the air and when I grabbed hold of the connector I earthed out the antenna and the charge picked me. It was like I had grabbed hold of a 240VAC line, yes it felt that bad. I have since made a change and hopefully this won't happen again.

Anyhow out of this storm I lost one of my antennas. The antenna I use for my 27MHz CB radio. It seems I was a little unlucky and was hit my an indirect lightning strikes. I've been very lucky that I've had a fellow amateur operator has been able to help me out and is sending me a new antenna. He had one sitting around and has never used it so it's like it's a brand new one. This is how wonderful the nobby can be, other standing up and helping others. Hopefully the antenna will turn up this week. I just then need to get a friend here to help me change the antennas over. I need a forklift to me able to get up to the top of the mast. I can't lay this mast down.

I'm also hoping to get myself a 2 element 6m antenna. A Christmas present to myself. It's the only band I currently can't use as I don't have a 6m antenna. I was going to go for a standard vercial but this little 2 element antenna is cheaper.

My 2m repeater project has gone very quiet again. At one stage it was looking like it was going to be up and on the air this side of Christmas but again this isn't going to happen. I'm a little disappointed and at the stage of just forgetting about it. The way things are going I'll have my stand alone IRLP node on the air. My IRLP node is a project I'm personally working on without anyone else help, this is why it wil be on the air first. I have a funny feeling my stand alone node will be used a bit with friends I have in Melbourne. I was goign to cancel the repeaters licence but I thought it took ages to get it and I may as well keep it for when I can put the repeater on the air myself. Plus I don't know if I still have access to the site. This is another issue I need to look into but it can wait until next year. To be truthful I really don't care about it anymore. I've gotten to the point of not seeing it on the air in my life time. 


Anyhow that's all I've got for now. It's been a little quiet around here.