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Cabinet PSU Completed

Today after a little too long of a wait I have finally finished the PSU's for my communications cabinet. The problem I had is the computer networking equipment needed 12 volts, not 13.8 volts that my PSU's supplied. With electronic equipment if they are designed to run on 12 volts you shouldn't run them at 13.8 volts. The extra 1.8 volts could kill equipment. So to be safe I wanted to make sure I was running the equipment on the right voltages.

I have two PSU's (Power Supply Unit) in the cabinet, one to run the radios and computer network and the other runs my work bench and hand-held radio chargers. 

I was watching Ham Nation and Amateur Logic TV last month and they showed a new little DC-DC convertor module. They cost around the $1 mark and can handle an input voltage up to 30 volts and give an output down to about 3 volts. They are meant to be able to handle up to 3 amps but I won't be going anywhere near that, I'll be running them at around 1 amp.


I'm currently using 3 units to run the ADSL, 2 network switches and I'm network hard drive. They are supplying 12 volts only to those peices of equipment while the PSU's supply 13.8 volts to the radios and other equipment.

I'm now just waiting on the linking radio for my 2m repeater to arrive and be installed and that's the communications cabinet fully completed, but for now I've completed the works I can in the cabinet. it's up to others now to supply the other equipment.

Next week I have to pick up a couple of things from Jaycar and then I can install these DC-DC converter modules on another PSU that is currently running the computer's backup hard drives. I don't use those plug packs as they take up space on power boards and can be a pain in the arse, so I use one PSU that can supply power to many things at once. I'm using 23 amp PSUs which can easily supply the 1 amp each piece of equipment needs and do it without even getting warm. Since moving over to this I'm also saving on my power bills as I'm not running a whole heap of plug packs.

So next week I'll finally complete my PSU project. I've ordered another 10 of the DC-DC converter modules as you just never know when you might need them. When they only cost around $1 each how can you not have some sitting here. My first order of them I ordered 10 and after this PSU project is completed I'll have 3 left, so I ordered 10 more. Like I said, you never know when you might need them. Plus I've got some for spaces if something happens to any of the ones in use.

You can purchase the litte modules on eBay.