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Almost Completed

Well another week has past and that meant more work done on the fit out of my cabinet. I now have all the computer networking equipment installed. Installed new ethernet cables in the network to supply high speed Gigabit ethernet to all the computers and into the lounge room for the PS3 and Apple TV. I have also made available a ethernet cable for my repeater's radio linking equipment.


I have three radios in and now fully working for listening to services in town. I also have the radio equipment for my 2m (VHF) repeater which looks like will finally be installed and on the air in October. In the cabinet will house the linking radio and IRLP node. 

So hopefully this time next month I will be able to post a photo of the cabinet fully completed with all the equipment installed and the cabinet project completed. It's been a big project from start to now and still have a few things to do before it's finished. 

To just name a few things still needed to be done as follows,

VK2RBL radio link


Move 2 power supply units

Wire up both 13.8v and 12v supplies

Tie up the DC and AC supply cables

So you ask yourself why 13.8v and 12v supplies? Well it's because the radios need 13.8 volts to operate correctly and the 12 volt supply is for the computer networking equipment and network hard drive. Those items need only 12 volts, they can't be supplied 13.8 volts as it's too high. yes 1.8 volts can make a lot of difference when it comes to computer equipment. So I must have these two voltages in the cabinet. The cabinet will have 3 x 23 amp power supplies installed into it for the equipment listed above. 1 power supply will be just used to supply the computer equipment and the second will be to supply my work bench plus the hand-held radio charges. The 3rd one will be used to supply the radio linking equipment for the repeater. These will need their own power supply unit as they will need about 16 amps to run non-stop if needed.

The cabinets haven't cost me anything, thank god as they are very heavy and solid units and if you were to buy new would cost a bit of money. The other stuff that I've had to do with them has cost a few dollars. I've had to replace most of my ethernet cables, about 7 of them. I must say I can't wait until this project is finished so I can move onto my next one. Installing my 2m (VHF) 11 element yagi antenna so I can have a play with SSB on the 2 metre band. And then hopefully get my tower fixed and installed. Can only wish :)