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Sunraysia Radio Group's AGM

Well yesterday, Sunday the 19th July was the AGM for my local amateur radio club. We meet up at the Mildura's Working mans Club for a lunch and then it was upstairs to get into the business of the day, the AGM.

It was a good turn out from memebrs and we even had a few new faces. Office bearers were voted on and a new committee formed.


President - Garry Briant VK3KYF  (Mildura)

Vice President - Noel Ferguson VK3FI  (Mildura)

Secretary - Murray Loag VK3FMRL  (Mildura)

Treasurer - Stephen Bourke VK3FSWB  (Mildura)


Committee Members

Peter Norris VK3JUG  (Mildura)

David Carson VK3ZUA  (Mildura)

Paul Hadlow VK2PNH  (Balranald)

Thomas Brownstein VK3EO  (Swan Hill) New member to the committee


The usual club raffle was done and again one of the usual people won a prize in that (myself). We watched a couple of videos from the ANZAC weekend the club had in Swan Hill and he was great to see everyone had fun at that. I wasn't able to attend that weekend as I had things on here in Balranald with ANZAC day. It was a great day with everyone that came. We talked all things AR and other things that weren't AR. The partners and wife's all enjoyed themselves. 


A photo of everyone sitting back watching the videos being shown.


It's going to be an interesting year for the club and hopefully we'll have a new repeater (Balranald) on the air soon for everyone to enjoy while traveling along the Sturt Highway. I had a few members come up to me asking about my new antenna and they wanted me to explain what I did and how I did it. Thankfully I had some photos I could show. Again it was a great day and I enjoyed myself greatly, but I always do :)