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Life Update

After almost 2 weeks fighting with Telstra to fix my ADSL service I finally got it fixed. For the last week and a bit now it's been working great. Had one dropout while I was away but when I got home I just logged into the modem and hit connect and away it went, I was back online. I haven't had an issue since which it great. I'm sure I've dropped off over night while asleep but it's not like it's going to worry me. 

It's amazing when you lose a service just how much you really to miss it when it's not there.

I have a few projects I would like to complete I still have to wait on others to do there bit. I would love to replace one of my antennas but to do this, this would cost money, firstly I would need to get some piping, about $100 and then I would need to get myself an antenna tuner, about $440. One day I will get this project finished but only when I can get the money saved up. My current antenna, a random wire antenna, is working fine but it's not the best of antennas. It would be just wonderful to have a real antenna up and not just a length of wire, but again this current antenna works fine. I get good signals into Melbourne and other places. In fact I've never really gotten a bad signal report. 

Some people say I need to get a "real" antenna up and others say there is nothing wrong with my current antenna. In fact they said it's working really good and I should waste my money but I would really like to have a "real" antenna up so I could pull down my current antenna so I could use it for when I'm away from home. It would be very easy to throw a bit of wire up a tree somewhere and be able to talk around the country on it. Now in saying this, I'm not really a mobile or portable HF user. I'm not really into using HF in my car. I would rather stick to just VHF/UHF in the car. I can always find a 2m repeater. Again in saying this, if I was to travel into the outback or something like that I would love to have a HF radio with me, just in case.

I haven't really been up to much of late. For the last 2 weeks I've been fighting the flu, I'm only just starting to see the end of it. It's been rather cold of a day and very cold of a night. Currently as I'm typing this my weather station is telling me it's only 5.3ºc outside. It's meant to get down to about 3ºc. I'm happy to be in the cold weather as I'm not a real fan of the hot weather anymore. I think it's much easier to warm yourself then it is to cool yourself down.

Anyhow that's it from me, for now :)