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New Licence Issued

The other day I was notified by the ACMA that my new callsign/licence has been issued. So now I have both VK2 & VK3 callsigns.

Under my current ACMA customer number I have 4 licences.

Amateur Radio Licence, Standard - callsign VK2PNH (my main callsign)

Amateur Radio Licence, Standard - callsign VK3PNH

Amateur Radio 2 metre (VHF) Repeater - callsign VK2RBL

Scientific Licence - callsign AX2NXR 

It's funny as back in the 1980's when I first held my amateur licence I also held 4 radio licences. Back then you were meant to have a licence to use the CB bands so I used to hold both a 27MHz CB licence and a 477MHz CB licence. Plus I also held a scientific licence and a commercial VHF licence. How things always come back around to the beginning again :)