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My Antennas

After taking the new photos of my station I thought I better get outside and take new photos of my antennas. Since my old photo of my antennas were taken I've removed and added a new antenna. I've pulled down my AH-4 ATU (Automatic Tuner Unit) which was used for my random wire antenna and I've added my new antenna, a G5RV. I purchased this antenna when I purchased my Icom IC-7000 a few years ago but because I never really had a ATU I couldn't put it up. This changed a few months ago and now I have a much better HF antenna up. You can see the ATU in the photo's of the inside of my station. My current mast I've removed a couple of antennas and moved a couple. I still have a bit of work to do on it but this won't happen until my tower goes up in the new year.

This is the photo of my current antenna mast.


This is the mast holding up my G5RV. You can see my tower in the back ground waiting to be fixed and installed.


This is the connection box where the coaxal cable and the ladder line cable connect. The cable runs under ground through some PVC piping.