Welcome to Music 24 



This is Music 24's internet stream where you can hear some of the best music of today's hits, all day and every day. You will hear all types of music from hard rock to soft rock to top 40 to Alternative to Rap. You name it you'll hear it. There is something for everyone. The music played is on a random loop of music that is always being added to when I'm not doing live shows. When I do do a live stream I post it on my Facebook page. To keep up to date with any issues or news, check out my blog.



It's so easy to listen to Music24, just click on the link here

(Just right click on the link to open it in a streaming software of your liking) 



Please Note: Some of the music played on this stream may contain coarse language and/or adult themes that may offend some people. So if you are easily offended this audio stream might not be for you. 

If you listen to the stream via iTunes or VLC player it will display the track metadata. This means the song name is displayed. Track metadata will not be displayed when I'm doing LIVE shows or listening via a web browser or the mobile app TuneIn.