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Telstra Issues

For over a week now I've been fighting with Telstra to fix my ADSL service. On the morning Saturday the 6th I woke up this this error on all the computers, iPhone's & iPads when trying to view website.



It took 8 phone calls until I got someone that would hand it to the next level. I then ended up with a case manager. This case manager before he had even spoken to me already had who and what was a fault, ME. The phone call I had with this guy was one of the worse experiences in customer service I have ever had to deal with. This guy wasn't going to listen to me and kept saying I didn't know what I was talking about. Even when I tried to explain to him that I had tried 3 modems he's answer was, well how to I do I know you can set up a modem? This guy then told me the make of the other modem causing the issues and when I said why can't he just kill the modem, this is when he belittled and treated me like an idiot and said what do mean? You want me to make it go up in flames or something? What a fucking idiot this guy is. He then went on to make me feel like I was an idiot. Even when I tried to get him to reset or rebuild my account as I think I've disconnected through the night but your system still has me connected and when my modem reconnects your system is seeing two modem and thus causing the "Duplicate Session" but this guy didn't want a bar of this and said I didn't know what I was talking about. This coming from someone that is meant to be helping not knocking everything I say down. 

I have spoken to other ISP's and all of them have said the same thing, it's an authentication problem and a simple 5 minute thing of rebuilding your account will fix it. But oh no this idiot from Telstra just wants to blame the problem on the customer equipment. See I'm not using a Telstra modem, I'm using mine, one that I've been using for years without any trouble but not to this guy wasn't having a bar of this. This guy just doesn't want to listen. I've asked to have a new case manager but that has gone unheard.

They have sent out a tech to check out my line between the house and exchange and the tech did find a little problem but this didn't fix the problem. They are also sending another tech out tomorrow, Tuesday 16th but I know he's not going to be able to fix it.

Now I hear you say why and how would I know the tech won't be able to fix the problem and the fact I'm sure it's an authentication problem is I've been able to get my modem to connect and stay connected is by bypassing the authentication and having the modem connect without authenticating with Telstra's servers. So I know it's not my cable between me and the exchange, I know it's not my modem and it must be a corrupted data on their authentication servers but getting this looked at with the idiot case manager is going to be hard because he's more busy trying to prove me wrong and he's forgotten that he's meant to be helping me and not working against me like he is. 

 So when will this issue but fixed? God only knows. I'm at the point of telling Telstra where they can stick their crapy service.  

Oh and the by the way the case managers name is Mohammed Alam and I've also now taken the issue to the T.I.O. (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman) seeing I'm not getting anywhere by myself.


New Domain Name

I have just got set up my new domain. This will replace my old domain This domain will stop working at the end of this month, April.

My new domain name is 

This new domain will work with my current one

it was time to change as my life has changed and I think it's important you have the correct internet address to reflex your current life. if you have bookmarked my website please update your records.

Old Domain (expires 30th April 2015)

New Domain (live now)



Changing Domain Names

I will be closing down my domain name. This domain name will stop working as of the 1 May 2015. The only way you'll be able to access this website after that date will be via domain name.

I'm closing down that URL as it's now an old part of my life and it's time to move on. I will be gettign a new domain name in the coming months to fit in with my current life.

So please keep this in mind after the 1st of May 2015.


Another Year Down

Last night I went over to Greenham Park here in Balranald to see the fireworks at midnight. The fireworks were great like they always are but I think they had a malfunction at the end and not all fireworks went off, but still there was about 8 minutes of them. Other years it was up around 10 minute. A good event but some forward thinking needs to be done for next years event. Running around at the last minute trying to light up areas knowing you had the same issues the year before and before that. But with these little faults it was still a good night. In fact this year it was a very uneventful night, even the police had an easy night. Everyone was very well behaved even thou there were the normal idiots there that think the night is about them. But all in all a great night for families to enjoy.

In other years I've always taken one of my cameras along to get video of the fireworks but this year I decided not to take them as I didn't want to be worrying about them and like always I decided to rely on my iPhone to take the video. I wasn't sure how this was going to work but I thought what the hell give it a go. After watching the video back I was very surprised by just how good it turned out. The iPhone 6 Plus did a very good job of it seeing it was taking video of a night and only had a spilt second to focus. There is a couple of times when it loses focus but it quickly regains it. Every time I use the iPhone 6 Plus' camera I'm surprised by the just how good the photos or videos are. I know there nothing like a DSLR or a good video camera but for everyday use it's above the normal, in my mind way above what the iPhone 5 could do.

Here si the video of the fireworks from Greenham Park NYE in Balranald. 


Christmas 2014

It's almost another Christmas Day over with for another year.

It was another quiet one for me, just like other years. I went around to friends for a few hours this afternoon. I had a good afternoon talking with friends and having a couple of (soft) drinks. Even went for a 6km walk after tea. It was a lovely night with very little wind but the wind has picked up a bit now. Sitting back watching a couple of my TV shows relaxing. I'm going to pull down the Christmas lights after new years. Just have to now get ready for New Years Eve next week and for the fireworks. 

I've had a little bit of a play with a light bar and worked out the wiring for the different lights. I know this is going to be pointless but it gives me something to do. Got to keep my mind busy. 

Christmas for me is just another day for me these days. I guess once you get to my age these type of days like birthdays is just another day.

Anyhow I hope everyone had a great Christmas Day.

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