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As of 10pm on Friday the 27th of May 2016 the Music24 radio stream will be off line. It will stay this way until further notice. I have decided to shut it down as it wasn't getting used and a waste of bandwidth. I have been checking the listener logs and there was only ever one or two people listening for about two songs and then gone.

I know some were having issues with it but after looking into it and with my ISP's help we were able to track down that 82% of issues were not my end but people complained about it. This has played a part in why I have removed the Music24 page from my website and shut down the server.

If you want to have Music24 back online then please let me know either via my Facebook account or contact me via my website. So until further notice the radio stream will be off line, dead. The link will not work. There will be no dead air. If you have bookmarked Music24's link it will now error out.

I just can't keep it online for just a couple of people listening for a few minutes a week. If I had more people listening for longer and if I walked up to the server and saw there was someone connected and listening that would be great but this is not happening.


Enough Is Enough

For most of my life I've had to deal with shit from others and to this day I'm still having to put up with it. Well the other day I heard something I haven't heard for a long time and that was praise for my work. Being told you did well and others were very happy with your work is always good to hear. When you receive this praise from those much smarter than you it really makes your day. It makes all the knocker look and sound like idiots.

Today I decided enough was enough. I'm was finally pushed to the point of no return. I can't be apart of a group where your treated like an idiot by those that think they are better then you. 

I worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. I worked for both Telstra and Optus, I ran my own business for many years (before getting ill) and are now doing work for both Broadcast Australia and BTS Network. Both these companies run and own some of the country's biggest transmission sites. I have to keep the TV services in my area on the air and if there is an issue I get the call to go out and fix it. So to be spoken down to by someone in a way to make you feel you don't know what your talking about. If I didn't know what I was talking about I wouldn't be doing work for companies like those above. These companies don't have idiots working for them.

 So today I've left an organisation because of being made to feel like I'm an idiot. I've had to deal with this crap for a while now. Reporting it I felt woudln't have gotten anywhere and after comments made on Facebook today was the straw the broke the camels back, so to speak. I felt the best thing I could do was to remove myself from the organisation. This is not a game and I will not put up with shit. I've had to do this for most of my life and it's time I finally say enough is enough.

It was great to hear the other day that I was praised for my work and what I did. It made me feel good, a feeling I haven't felt for a long time. I guess I'm just so used to not being listened too and that I talk shit. it good to hear praise for once. 



Friends For Life

Throughout my life I've had to deal with all type of people. Some would say they're your friend but run a mile when things get all too hard. Then there were other friends that would be with you through the good and bad times. These ones are true friends but then you find out it was all bullshit and they never cared about you. All they wanted was to use you. Then you had those friends that you can talk to about anything and they will never judge you, they will go out of their way to help you. It's is last one that's the worse. For ages they are your best friend until you stuff up, you trust people you should and the you end up with nothing. A true friend will be standing besides you, helping you and catching you when you fell. I have had all these type of friends in my life. I've had friends that I thought would still friends until I die but again you find out this is not true.

It takes a strong person to admit they did wrong, it takes a stronger person to except this from that move and even bigger to be forgiven. When you say sorry to a person for all the bad things you have done and they say don't worry it's all in the past, it's not like we can change that, but you dins out this person still holds a lot of hate towards you what do you do? Do you try and change this or do you just walk away?

Walking away will more than likely make things worse but does that matter when inside this person they really hate you? Do you try and fix things or do you just move on and very get about it? I have people around me that would help me either way I choose to go. I just have to choose which road to take.

Over the last few months has told me a lot about this person. I truly thought this person wasn't like this but it's very clear on the information ive been told that even thou you his person has said one thing they really mean the complete opposite. Clearly this person is no longer the person you thought they were and some of what they say means totally nothing. I've learnt to not take crap from others and to not waste your time on those type of people.

I'm I disappointed, hell yes, am I surprised? No. Am I to blame, yes but all all the time. Some I know won't agree with this but that's just too bad. It those people that need to get over themselves and wake up the world does not rotate around them.

Over the last few years I have sat down and made some changes in my life. I studied hard and got my radio amateur licence (as you can see on this website). I've also been lucky enough to be asked to join the Broadcast Australia company and also asked to join with BTS Networks to look after the three TV and radio broadcast sites in town and to be on call if there is an outage so I can go out and fix it (hopefully) and get the service back on the air. This is big news and it's just a pity my parents can't see this. I just hope my father is looking down on me and would be finally proud of me for what I've been able to do. As for my mother well I wish she could see me now. So much has changed but I guess that's something they'll never see, it's a real shame but it's something I can't change.

Anyhow there is no point going on about it when these things are totally out of your control. It's a bit like saying you wish you could turn back time. If I could I would, there is so many things I would like to know why and what happened in my life. Today I just sat and wait for what tomorrow will bring. Can only hope that one day my life's will change. I can never fix the past but I can surely fix the future and make sure history doesn't repeat itself. Oh who I'm I kidding, we're talking about me, I'm always screwing up things.



Being a FiM (First In Maintainer)

I have been a FiM for both BA (Broadcast Australia) and BTS (Broadcast Transmission Services) since November 2015. Since then I've had a few jobs, mre than I expected. My first job was after a full town outage when after the power came back on a couple of the TV services didn't. We had the ABC TV services but SBS and all the commercial networks were off the air. After about 30 minutes waiting to see if things would just come back on a decided to ring the tech for WIN TV and report it. When I did that they said they will get their local guy out which I said that's me lol. After about an hour we had all the TV services back on the air, all was good. A simple 5 cent fuse was the issue for one transmitter and the other, well that turned out to be a little costly. The UPS (backup power supply) failed. 

Then while I was down in Swan Hill I received a call from BA saying the ABC TV service is off the air. The fault report they were seeing was a satellite input error. So I was looking at changing out the LNB on the satellite dish. Fun and games. When I got on site it turned out everything was off, no power. Here we go again, another UPS? yes. So now BA is having to replace another UPS unit here. One good thing is this was a different site to where the other one failed. At the moment I'm now waiting on a work order to have works completed as the new UPS unit needs a 15 amp power outlet. The old one only needed a normal 10 amp outlet. To get this work done we need a shut off request order so I can switch off the power to the site so the power works can be completed safely. Power off mains transmitter off and no ABC TV for the town. These are the fun and games you have to do just to get some things done. Safety first, ALWAYS.

When I first became a FiM I was told I might see about 2 or 3 jobs a year, so far I've had that many in the first few months. It's great being able to do this as you also leanr as you go along. They are always welling to show you as much as they can. The tech's are friendly and like I said willing to help you out. 

Being a FiM you are just the eyes for the tech on the phone. You tell them what you see or don't see and they guide you through anything that needs to happen. They have photos of the site so while your at the site they can tell you what you should or should not be seeing. It's not hard but you have to be able to do what your told to do. You can't just go off and do what you think is needed to be done. You are only their eyes and hands.

My first job was interesting but it was my first job and I now know what to expect when I get onsite. I now know what's going to be said and what is needed from me. I did stuff up but I've learnt a lot from it. In fact the tech I spoke to on that job was great and even said it was great to speak to a FiM that knew what they were talking about.

It's great to be able to learn. Getting back into amateur radio again was a great move. It's helped with my depression and I've meet some wonderful people. Always welling to help others out. That's what amateur radio is all about :) 

I little back ground. BTS is a partnership between WIN TV and Prime 7. They look after all the WIN TV and Prime 7 transmitter around the country. They also handle some ABC & SBS trasnmitter and also handle some Southern Cross 10 transmitters. Here in Balranald BTS look after only ther commercial TV networks, WIN, Prime 7 and Southern Cross 10. Broadcast Australia or BA as some might know them as look after, just about all ABC & SBS TV and radio transmitters around the country. They also to handle some commercial networks. BA have many very big transmission sites around the country. These sites house some of the country's most powerful transmitters. 200,000 watt transmitters are very common.

Below are there websites. Opening up the links will open up a new browser window.

Broadcast Australia

Broadcast Transmission Services 



Enough With the BS

It's been a hot Summer, while we've had a few days above 40ºc. Currently we have a cool change and temps have dropped to about 30ºc for the next few days and then we're back into the high 30's low 40's. 

I'm not really a fan of the hot weather these days. I guess it's a sign of old age lol. This hot weather makes it hard for me to do maintenance works on my antennas. I have to do some maintenance on them as I have one antenna that has failed plus I'm wanting to build a couple more antenans for if or when I get my tower up. I just don't know if I'll ever get it. I have a friend that has said will help me do repairs on it and I know this person will but it's hte other people I'm going to need help from that's my concern. I seem to get mixed messages and really I'm gettign a little sick of it. I guess I'll have to wait until it's time and see what happens but it does make it hard to plan things out.

I'm one of these people that hate bullshit and have no time for fake people. I join groups to learn and to help others but I don't join them to deal with bullshit. With people that don't listen because they think they are better then anyone else. If you don't like what others do, then do it yourself. I'm really over it and I've lost interest in some of it. When you get kicked in the gut why should anyone be bothered anymore.

Anyhow I'm not going to go on with it, I'll just sit back and say nothing. This way I won't get put down. I have enough issues with being out down as I've had to put up with it all my life. I was really hoping not to have to put up with that anymore but I guess I was wrong. I must say thou, this doesn't happen in the amateur radio groups I'm apart of.