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New Playlist for Music24 

After a bit of a delay the new Music24 playlist is now live. I have removed a lot of songs and added more new ones. 

Music24 is now playing music that is only a few years old and up to todays hits. Gone is all the old old stuff. So I hope you enjoy the new playlist.




Big Ending to July

The other week I filled out paperwork with the help from my local radio club to become a WIA Learning Facilitator. On the weekend I sat down and did some reading and the online assessment. On Monday 1st August 2016 I received an email from the WIA telling me I've passed the assessment and will be issued with my Learning Facilitators ID. On Tuesday 2nd of August 2016 I received the email with my Learning Facilitators number.

As of today, Tuesday 2nd August 2016 I can now help with the assessments of people wanting to get an amateur radio licence or simply people just wanting to upgrade their current licence. I can't run an assessment as I must have an assessor with me but I can help with setting up and filling out paperwork and marking the assessment.

WIA Learning Facilitator No. LF-090

Also last month as part of my grant plans for my amateur radio station I sent off a licence application into the ACMA. This licence was for an Outpost Non-assigned licence. This licence will allow me to transmit on the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) HF radio network. I don't have to be apart of any other groups like the 4WD HF network, VKS737. I'll be able to call for help and talk directly to the RFDS without going through a third person or network.

What I'm trying to do it build a station that can be used in case of an emergency. When all other communications fail, services like police and ambulance can use my station to get information in or out of the area. We have had in the past had a couple of big radio outages where we've had no emergency services network working and a total mobile phone outage where ALL phone carriers were off line. We've even had where the normal land line services were effected. I want to have a station where any of these service can come too and be able to get information in and out of the town or area. Even if this means just talking to Mildura. Amateur radio operators are always ready to help when all else fails. 

In some parts this will always be a dream but I still want to be ready for the day it happens. I think it's always important to have a place where you can get information in and out of the town and I know my station can do this. It's just getting some of the services to understand this is going to be the hardest part. I've been trying for ages now to get something setup with the NSW VRA (Volunteer Rescue Association) but have hit a brick wall. This is because they use groups like CREST and they don't believe having a backup is important. Plus it's not like the VRA have a state wide radio. They are still playing the game of wait and see.

I now currently hold 5 radio licences which is as follows,

VK2PNH - This is my main amateur licence

VK3PNH - This is my secondary amateur licence

VK2RBL - This is my 2m (VHF) amateur repeater licence

AX2NXR - This is my Scientific Non Assigned licence

AXA046 -  This is my Outpost Non Assigned licence

My Scientific Non Assigned licence allow me to legally allow a radio to transmit on any frequency. To make a radio transmit you must be licensed to operate on any frequency. Even thou this licence only covers me to transmit into a dummy load it still allows me to test a radio after repairs.

My Outpost Non Assigned licence allow me to tranmit on the RFDS HF (working) frequencies without having to be apart of any groups like the 4WD VKS737 network.

My current project of getting an amateur repeater on the air in my town is currently on the back burner. It's been over two years since I got the licence and still nothing has happened so I've decided to put it back in the draw so to speak until I can personally purchase equipment myself. This way I don't have to reply on others and I'll know what's happening at any given time whereas at the moment I have no idea what's happening or what equipment is ready.

Oh and before I forget, I'm still working on the new Music24 playlist. I'm currently looking at updating the playlist but I have ran into some issues. I'm working on finding a fix to the playlist problem. Hopefully I will have the new playlist up live by months end.



Change Is Coming To Music24

As some might have seen, Music24 is back online. This is true but not for long, well not in it's current form. Once I get my main iMac repaired when in Melbourne in a couple of weeks time. I will be making a big change to the music on this stream. Yes some of the music will stay but some will be removed and replaced with new music. When saying new music I mean loading up music from my main Album list and putting music from more artists instead of relying of mixed CD's like So Fresh and the like, I have a lot of music from artists that is not currently loaded up in the current Music24 playlist.

So I'm hoping to have this done and completed by the end of this month. This will add a lot of new and currently unheard of music that you would only hear if I was doing a live show. 

To make this change the stream will be put off line while hte new music is loaded up so a new random play order can be made. I will also post updates about this project as it's going along.

So look, listen out for the new Music24 coming online very soon :)


Time Waster Not Welcome In My Life

Sometimes I sit back and wonder what have I done in my life and it's so depressing. Everything I've ever tried to do I've stuffed up. I never really got much praise with anything I've tried to do. Even in a his day and age I still find it hard. I don't know what it is but I've always had issues with others listening to me. I end up in a place where I've second guessing myself and that is not good. I've always tried to help other to the best I can but its never enough. Yes I've made mistakes in my life and I don't need people shaving it in my face. I guess it's times when your in trouble is when you find out just who your friends are. When I was down in Melbourne in hospital after my heart attacks did I get anyone come in and see me? No. Everyone that did know had better things to do. So while laying in a hospital bed watching everyone else have family and friends come and visit them I had no one. Oh wait I had one friend come and see me, he cut short his trip to come in but there was no one else. Like is said its those times when you really find out who your friends are. When they put other things ahead of you it really makes you feel wanted.

I never expected family come and see me because they never knew and nor would they be interested in what's happen. In fact they would be hoping I didn't make it. I hear you say no they wouldn't, family wouldn't be like that. Well it's true, I was told this directly. In fact I was told that I was more than likely lying about it happening. This is the bullshit I've had to deal with. But I know that those that were in my life and doing so much better now that I'm out of their lives. This tells me I wasn't any good for them. At the start it hurt me to think this but I woke up and it's not all about me, as long as these people are happier that's the main thing and I'm happy for them. I was always the black sheep in the family and I always knew they would be much better off without me. They could have always contacted me, I wasn't hard to find. It would take one phone call to one person but it never happened. Even when I reached out I copped the cold shoulder so whey be around those that don't want me around. Why should I be somewhere where I'm nit wanted, it would be just stupid and a waste of time.

I came to a fork in the road of my life and I took the wrong road and I'm paying for that mistake and others are making me know this. I don't need to be reminded so you can stop reminding me. It's take a big person to forgive someone, how big are you? In saying this when your life is much better now why would you want to forgive? You won't because your happier now then you were. I'm so over other treating me like shit. It's time to change the way I do things in my life.

I've been trying to get things improved in a group I'm apart of but because there is other that don't understand and live in the dark ages I've found myself banging my head against a brick wall and now I'm over it. I'm decided to just do my own thing and not waste my time when I'm treated like an idiot. Why should I waste my time on people or groups that don't want it. So from now on I will be keeping my mouth shut and not be bothered. Will I be supported for this? I'm guessing I won't be and this is another issue.

So as of today the 30th May 2016 I will no longer waste my time on those that either won't listen or I feel will be wasting my time. I will share ,y knowledge with those that want it or ask for it. No more will I try to help others. Today is the day. I'm over wasting my time. I will do my thing and work on my own projects that will help me. I've been disappointed by others too many times and treated like a mushroom. So it's time to change and today is the time. The new me.



Music24 Gone

Over the last day or so I've been asked what happened to my radio stream. Well what's happened is I've turned it off. Running this stream cost money and when your not getting anyone listening to it or if they do it's only for a few minutes at a time it's not worth keeping it going, not for just a couple of people that like I said only listen to it once a week. So please don't ask me what's happened to it and that's a shame, these things cost money, money I don't mind paying I'd people are listening to it but when no one does it's not worth it. So the stream has gone for now. Will it return? I don't know. If I get more people asking about it I might but at the moment I've had two people ask me what's happened and that makes it a waste of time and bandwidth. So Music24 has gone and at the present time it won't be back.