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My Pet Hates

There is just a few things I hate. Things that just get me mad. So here is a list in no real order.

Poor customer. I hate it when companies and or businesses don't give their customers either service in their shops or after you purchase products from them.

Don't reply to emails. This is a new one. When a company or business has a website and when you either use an online form or have an email address to contact them and you never hear back from them or if you do it's days later. If I'm contacting you I want an answer ASAP, not days later. I also find this seems to be an issue for private emails sent. You send an email to someone asking for either information or help and you NEVER hear back from them. When you do finally hear back it's only after you send them another email asking why they never got back to you. The normal reply is, "I never received your first email". Now I know this can happen but I think it's just a way of that person getting out of not getting back to you.

I've got to the stage if I don't hear back from someone I won't bother with them. If your a business you've lost my business and you won't get it again, it's lost forever. If your not a business your just telling me your not interested in the small person. I'm finding this to be a common thing these days.

So people, if someone emails or contacted you get back to them. You never know, it might be worth something to you. Plus I find it VERY RUDE.



Tomtom GPS

It's been a while since my last post. All i can say is i lead a boring life so there's normally not much to say, but this changed last month. So here is what's happened.

Back in March I contacted Tomtom about my GO 1050 GPS unit. Now before telling you what's happened with that I need to say how I came across having my current model. When I purchased a new car last July I decided to buy myself a new GPS unit for it. One with I bigger screen than the one I had at the time, a ONE XL. I got myself a new Tomtom unit as I was very happy with my old so I went into the local Dick Smith in Swan Hill and got a GO 1000, it was on special at the time and it had a nice big screen. Anyhow after about a month it started to play up. At first it would just time itself off and then it ended up with a major firmware fault. So off to the place I purchased it from and put it in for repair. In fact I was hoping they would just replace it but we're talking about Dick Smith here. I also found out that they don't send off repairs straight away, they wait until they get a few repairs first and send them all off at the same time. I was not happy. After about a month I got my GPS back, Tomtom replaced it with a GO 1050 World model. So I ended up with a new unit. This was good and Tomtom were good to deal.

Now we come to my problem now. I noticed that my GO 1050 wasn't charging, if you disconnected it from the car it would turn itself off. The unit was telling me the battery was flat. It wouldn't charge in the car or via the computer. So I contacted Tomtom about it and they said it would need to be sent into them. So remembering how Dick Smith handles repairs I decided to send it directly to Tomtom. So on the 2nd of April I went to my local post office and sent it off registered mail. After a couple of weeks not hearing from Tomtom I connected them, now this is where things went really wrong. They told me they had never received so I contacted Australia Post and asked for a P.O.D. for my parcel. They told me the parcel had been delivered to them on the 4th of April. So I contacted Tomtom and gave them the tracking number and a copy of the P.O.D. and said they needed to find my unit. They replied and said they have passed it on to another department to look into it. So a couple of days later I hadn't heard back from them so I emailed them and asked how it was going. I was told they needed my tracking number, again, in fact this went on three times with robot type of replies. It was like I was talking to a computer. The replies were non personal, robot like. So on Wednesday I told them they had until close of business Friday to find and fix my unit or else I was talking the matter much further.

Anyhow on Friday morning I received a call from a gentleman from Tomtom telling me he was going to fix the problem today. He also told me my GPS was there, it had always been there. He had no idea why they couldn't see it. He said he was going to get to the bottom of it and find out why this had happened. He was also going to send out a new unit, a GO 1050 Live world. This was a new model and better than the unit I had.

So,I'm now getting my Tomtom GPS back and will again be able not to get lost lol. They were upgrade it with new maps, maps not yet released to the public just yet. So even thou I've had this issue with Tomtom I must say I do like their GPS units. I just hope this unit doesn't play up and it will work for years to come. Just like my old ONE XL unit I had.

You got to love companies that just seem to not understand just how important it is to have good customer and after sales service is.

So until next time, be good.



Triple J's Hottest 100 For 2011

Todat Triple J played their Hottest 100. The songs you voted for and the best of 2011. What a year it was for Australian music and seeing so many Australian artists in the countdown was amazing. the Australian music industry is going very strong. The top 5 songs to make it onto the countdown this year were,


5. M83 - Midnight City

4. Boy And Bear - Feeding Line

3. Matt Corby - Brother

2. The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

And number one was, Gotye Ft. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know

I think a lot of people knew what was going to be number one. It was very heavily played on radio since it's released. A song I must say I liked and voted for. If you've been living under a rock for the last year check out the video below.






Unhappy New Modem

Yesterday I went out and got myself a new ADSL modem. I decided to change the make and model and went for a D-links modem to replace my Netgear DM111 ADSL modem. What I thought would be an easy thing to do turned into a nightmare. It took me just over an hour to get the modem going so I could just look at websites. It turned out the modems inbuilt firewall was stopping my streaming server from working. I only found out it wasn't streaming when I tried to show someone last night and I couldn't connect. I was out at a meeting of my local rescue squad in which my a member of. I knew when I got back home I had my work cut out for me.

Anyhow on my return home I jumped onto the computer and started to look into why this modem was trying to make my life a living hell. I spent another hour or so on it and worked out this modem just will not talk to my Apple Airport Extreme correctly. The modem has has it's own router built in even thou it only has one Ethernet port on it and can only have one computer connected to it at one time. When I purchased the modem yesterday I saw this of the modem and thought it might be a good thing but boy was I wrong. So after the Australia Day holiday today I'm going to have to take the modem back to where I got it from, Dick Smiths, and exchange it for another make and model modem. Looks like I'll be sticking with a Netgear modem.

The only thing I would like to know is what's the difference between the Netgear DM111 which I have now and their newer model the DM111P? I'm guessing it's Google time lol.


Telstra Outage Part 2

Ok, we now think we have fixed a few issues up now. I'm now using a service called No IP, this will allow my radio stream to work without having a static IP address and thus saving me $10 per month. This new servcie was given to me from Telstra themselves to try and see if it will do what I need a static IP for. So I have reactived the stream with this new service and hopefully it will keep it on the air 24/7. Time will only tell if it works. it's a free service for a basic, single user. So like I said I'm hoping it will work and keep working.

There is still an on going fault at the Balranald exchange which Telstra is working on with their equipment supplier to fix ASAP. Lets hope they also tell us we now have ADSL2+. it would be silly for telstra to spend 10's a thousands a dollars upgrading and replacing equipment to fix the congestion problem we had here and not at the same time upgrade the ADSL equipment to ADSL2+. But I guess we are talking about Telstra here and we are just only country people. So we're not high on their list of customers to give faster internet speeds. Not in a money making area like the city people are. Anyhow can only hope and wish.

So please let me know if you have issues with the radio stream. It's online now.