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Kissing Good By Winter

Winter is almost over and today we had a lovely sunny day. We're meant to be getting a few showers over the next couple of day but next week the warm weather is coming. 

The nice weather has allowed me to put a up couple of new antennas and replace a couple. I now have my amateur radio station up and running. You follow all my amateur radio stuff at my other blog. All can be seen at VK2FABN.

Anyhow not much happening in my life at the moment. Almost finished with my part in a medical trial I've been apart of over the last couple of months. Only have two more visits and it's finished. Can't wait but will miss the trips down to Melbourne. I will be back to my 3 monthly visits instead of once or twice a month.


The Worse Is Yet To Come

It's only the 3rd day into Winter and we are again dropping down to icey morning. As I look at my weather station here it's telling me it's a very cold 1.7ºC outside. We're meant to be getting down to 1ºC overnight with rain tomorrow.

I know I say I hate Summer because it's harder to cool yourself down than it is to warm yourself but it still doesn't make Winter a nice season.

This is only going to get worse when the Carbon tax comes in at the end of this month. The Government say this new tax is not going to rise the families weekly costs by no more than $10 per month. So with this they are giving those earning not much or on pensions a very small bonus of $250. They say this will cover the added costs of this new tax. I say this is total BULLSHIT. Everything is going to go up and it's going to go up by more than $10 per week for the normal household.

This Winter I think the death rates in the elderly are going to be up because they will not be able to efford to run their heaters. They are already sitting in dark houses and with blankets or going to bed at 6pm because it's too cold to be out of it. Myself I'm having to watch my power usage and have even started wearing more clothes instead of turning the heater on. It's going to be a bad year and it's only going to get worse in the years to come.


What The ????

I get a lot of spam emails every day but this one takes the cake. What the hell is this email trying to say?


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Can some make any sence of that? It doesn't make one bit of sence to me. It's clear that the sender can't speak fuckin English. 



I Really Hate This

My number one hate is bad customer service and this is what I'm receiving at the moment from a company.

Back on the 24th of December 2011 I purchased myself a portable air conditioner. I purchased a model that would also heat as well as cool. It was a lovely unit, cooled down the living room in Summer and did a good job of it. Now that Summer is well and truely over with and we're now getting rather cold nights and mornings I decided to start up the air con and warm the place up. After a couple of nights I thought to myself, this thing just isn't warming the room up. I had the unit set on 27 but it just didn't seem to be blowing warm or hot air. So I got a unit from a friend to see how it goes just in case these portable units just don't warm up like the units you mount in your house wall. Well this other unit warmed up the room and I didn't need to set it higher than 20 for it to do this.

So I jumped onto the net and contacted the company that makes the unit I purchased. And this is when the poor service comes into the picture. All I got was being put on hold, transferred to someone else because the person I was put through to couldn't help or didn't work in that area. This went on for over 20 minutes, after which time I gave up. I desided to contact the shop where I purchased the unit from. They got back to me saying they will chase up their sales rep about it. After a couple of days the store rang me and asked if I had any luck as yet and I told them no. They informed me they have not heard a thing from their rep and they tried him a number of times.

So tomorrow I'm heading over to Mildura with the unit. The store told me to bring it into them complete with everything including things liek the manual. I'm not totally sure what they are going to do but they said to me they're going to fix the problem for me. I have an idea they're going to replace the unit with another one but I don't know for sure. I will find this out when I get there.

The unit I purchased was a Omega Altise Airpod, model number APOD14. I purchased it from Retravision in Mildura. Now I must say, Retravision have been great so far. They have done a lot more than Omega has. In fact Omega have been very poor. 

There are times when you buy a product, it fails and the company goes above and beyond to fix the problem and then there are those other products you buy, it fails and the company is totally useless to deal with and you have nothing but problems with them. This is one of those products. Almost like the issue I had with Tomtom over my GPS unit. Then again sometimes you just need to find the right person that gets off their backside and fixes the problem instead of passing and transferring you to everyone but the right person.



Drivers Driving Like They Have A Death Wish

Time and time again I drive on the local roads around here and without fail you have to put up with other drivers driving above the speed limit or worse.

You can drive between Balranald and Swan Hill on any day and driving at the posted speed limit of 100kph you get people passing you and most of the time they're not just passing you and they are flying passed you. What makes it worse is some of these people should know better but they know the local police don't patrol the roads in question. If you report the problems your only told there isn't much traffic on them and therefore doesn't pay for us to sit on these roads. it's even worse on days when the local football team is playing elsewhere. You have parents driving their yound kids to football and they are driving well above the speed limit. You never see police out on these roads and it gets worse when you look at how many drive home after the football, with their young kids in the car, after drinking at the football. Again you ask where the police are and they're nowhere, not even hiding in the bushes, nowhere.

Today I was driving to Mildura and I had a car fly passed me doing at least 150kph in a 110kph zone. You report it to the police but nothing happens. In fact they get the report wrong. This has happened many times and I've even had big B-double trucks pass me while I'm doing 110kph. I thought trucks were speed limited?? You can be sitting on the posted speed limit and you have trucks sitting up your backside. 

We need speed cameras on the roads out here. Now I'm not a great fan of speed cameras but we never see them out here and we really need one out here. They would make a packet and seeing they don't seem to want to have police on the roads at the right times I really can't see them bring a speed camera and or an unmakred car into the area.

It's doesn't take someone to go to UNI to workout out how to fix the problems. The road toll is up and will continue to go up until someone in the Government wakes up and works out that having police seen on the roads instead of sitting behind trees and that would make people think twice about being idiots on our roads. "P" plate drivers should loose their licence if they are caught hooning. If they are caught speeding more than 45kph above the speed limit they loose their cars for good, not a month but for good. If they kill someone because of them hooning and it's their fault they should be banned from driving for life. If the damage other peoples property they should be made to pay for it plus loose their licence and their cars straight away. If they run from the sceen they loose their car for good and their licence is lost for 2 years. This hopefully will make them wake up. Hit them where it hurts, in their pockets. If they don't have any money then it's put on their record and once they start working or are on Government payments they loose "X" amount to pay for what they did. They keep paying until they have paid back every cent.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

If they are caught the three time their cars should be CRUSHED regardless of the value or the car and the owner should be made to push the button. If they hoon in a company car to bad. It's time companies that supply employees with cars needs to make sure the cars are not misused. If a person is caught hooning in a company vehicle then the company looses their car. It's time we need a Government with the balls to deal with this hooning problem head on. It's time for the police to be given greater powers to deal with such people. It's getting to the stage where our roads are becoming a no go zone.  

Small towns like mine are getting to the stage that you don't drive or have your car parked on the streets. We've had a number of young people driving around like idiots crashing their cars and damaging other people's property. It's time for these people to be taken off the roads before someone like myself has to cut them out of their cars or worse still, having to dig a hole to put them in it. Because one day it's going to happen and I'm not looking forward to that day. Like I said, this madness has to be stopped. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.