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It's Holiday Time. A Time To Be Happy

It's came around really quick but it's that time of the year they call the "Silly Season". Being a member of the emergency service I really would like not to have to be out on the roads getting you out of your car. We have had a bad lead up to Christmas with two very bad crashes and I would really hate to be out there this Christmas having to cut you out of your car.

Lets all have a very safe Christmas break and remember when travelling out on the country roads there is wildlife out there and they can come out of anywhere. Try not to swerve from them, hitting a tree could be the last thing you ever do and believe me, trees and cars do not mix. We want you to have Christmas with your families and not have families having to identify you after a crash. There is nothing worse than having your family sitting at the Christmas dinner without.

Take care on our roads, your life will depend on it.


I Write How I'm Feeling

This is MY blog, I write what is on my mind at the time. If anyone has a problem with what I write then DON'T come here and read my blog. I don't force anyone to read my posts. Whether you feel that what I say goes against your personal belief then like I said don't read them. Do not push your befiefs into me. 

So if you find my posts to the point and not to your standard don't look at the posts. Don't tell me not to post what I'm feeling. Yes there is always two sides to every story. My mistake is I didn't do something at the time because I thought I stuffed up but I wished I had done so if I knew what I know today. This is my regreat and something I will take to my grave. If I could go back in time I would fix the problem but I can't and there is nothing I can do about it.


Superstorm Sandy & Squarespace

As a lot of people would know, the East Coast of the US was hit by a Superstorm a couple of days ago. The city of New York has been left without power and in New York there are many companies effected. One of those company's were Squarespace (the company that hosts this website) had it's servers effected when the power went out and wasn't able to get fuel to their generators. In a big job they got people to carry fuel up to the 17th floor to keep the fuel tanks full so they could keep their customers websites online.

They are still doing this at the moment and I must say these guys have gone well above what I would have expected of them and for that I'm so happy I have my website hosted by a company that would do this for their customers. This is what you could call wonderful customer service.

One thing I do hope they do is fix the problem so next time they won't have to carry fuel up 17 floors but in saying that, we really don't want this to happen again.


iPhone 5 Is Here?

Well it's only been a few days now since the release of Apple's new iPhone 5. Pre-orders started on the 14th September for most of the carriers here in Australia. A week later the phone was released. I was going to head down to Swan Hill nice and early to the local Telstra shop but I thought I would take the easy way out and do the online pre-order thing. I thought the carriers would send out the phones so they would arrive on release day like what Apple does. Now this was wishful thinking plus I was dealing with Telstra.

Telstra's couriers, Startrack is yet to deliver the order. They received the order on the 19th and it's now the 24th and still nothing. Now I understand there was a weekend involved but still parcels and that still keep moving on weekends.

Now my phone is still in Sydney (going by Startrack's tracking page), if it had been sent via Australia Post's Express Post service the phone would have been here first thing this morning, Monday.

I always thought couriers were might to be faster than Australia Post this is why they cost more but Startrack is showing just how slow couriers can be. So I cn only hope I receive my new phone before the coming long weekend and before I head down to Melbourne this coming Sunday. I will be one very pissed off Telstra customer if it's not here by then. But yeah I should know better, I'm dealing with Telstra here.


Bad Drivers Are Everywhere

Today after returning from Swan Hill I had this this little incounter. The video doesn't show it but this driver was too busy waving at people and not looking where he was going. Just so lucky that there are some people on the roads looking out for people like this driver. This happened in a school zone with children everywhere. If he had done this on one of our other roads he would be either in hospital or dead.