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BoM Weather Station

About a week a go I saw a advert posted on the the local RSL's Facebook page looking for a new weather station contractor for the local weather station. Knowing I post every night on my personal Facebook page the weather forecast for Balranald and I have my own weather station I decided I would put in for the position.

After a day of sending an email to teh BoM I received a reply back wanting to make a time to call and speak to me. This happened the following day. Yesterday (Thursday 17th August) I received a phone call saying I have the position if I still want it. So I now have training on the 28th of August. This position requires me to be up to do 9am reading and send them in each morning. This should be interesting but, should I say fun. 

This now means I now handle both of the towns important services, the TV networks transmitters and now the towns weather station.

It's good to see I'm finally doing something good in my life. One learns from their mistakes finally.

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