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TV Streaming Services and Boxes

It's been just over a week since I've been connected to the NBN. I've had one issue where I lost connection but it's been fine since then. The only issue I'm seeing is for some unknown reason the modem/router seem to lose connection to some of the computers randomly. I can be doing something on one computer and lose internet on another. This will only happen for about a minute and then you would have get it back.

After about a week I noticed my usage was a little high and seeing when I switched over to the NBN I kept my current plan which was for 500Gb a month. I've now had to up that to 1,000Gb or 1Tb and so far I've used over 30Gb in less than a week of being on the higher plan. When I moved over to this new plan Telstra also supplied me with one of their Telstra TV streaming boxes. With this box they also gave me access to Foxtel for a couple of months free. So for now I now have Foxtel Play. Back in the early 90's when Pay TV for came to Australia I signed up for it and had it for many years. The only time I was without it was when I was first living in Western Australia and then when I came back over to Eastern Australia. I haven't had since about 2007. I did have it back for about a two months with their streaming service via my PS3 but I was having issues with it. Now that I'm on the NBN and have a lot more bandwidth and the fact Telstra have given me a free trail of Foxtel Play I'm giving it a go again and so far I'm enjoying it. I've always loved Pay TV but the monthly costs was something I didn't need. 

I gave my NBN connection a real workout the other day, I had Foxtel and Netflix streaming plus I had Vevo music video channel, which is streamed in HD and all three streamed without an issue. No buffering or anything. I was also still able to still play on FaceBook. This is something I could only dream of doing when I was connected via ADSL2+.

I've been a Netflix customer since they started in Australia. I enjoy a lot of the TV shows they have plus their moves. It would be great to have access to the same Netflix library as the US have but again we can dream. So at the moment I have access to Netflix, Stan and Foxtel, and yes I watch each one of them. They all have something I like to watch. I'm even using the catch up streaming services from our FTA (Free To Air) networks. I love my Apple TV and would love to be able to upgrade to the new one but I think I will wait until Apple releases their new one which looks like will happen in the coming months. The Telstra TV is a fill in for what the Apple TV doesn't have but it would be good if Telstra didn't lock their box down as much as they have. The Telstra TV uses the Roku box which for what I've heard is a great streamer but like I said Telstra have locked their box down. Again Apple does the same thing with their box but their newer Apple TV is a lot better then the version I have.

Anyhow back to watching Foxtel :) 

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