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Change Is Coming To Music24

As some might have seen, Music24 is back online. This is true but not for long, well not in it's current form. Once I get my main iMac repaired when in Melbourne in a couple of weeks time. I will be making a big change to the music on this stream. Yes some of the music will stay but some will be removed and replaced with new music. When saying new music I mean loading up music from my main Album list and putting music from more artists instead of relying of mixed CD's like So Fresh and the like, I have a lot of music from artists that is not currently loaded up in the current Music24 playlist.

So I'm hoping to have this done and completed by the end of this month. This will add a lot of new and currently unheard of music that you would only hear if I was doing a live show. 

To make this change the stream will be put off line while hte new music is loaded up so a new random play order can be made. I will also post updates about this project as it's going along.

So look, listen out for the new Music24 coming online very soon :)

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