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Music24 Gone

Over the last day or so I've been asked what happened to my radio stream. Well what's happened is I've turned it off. Running this stream cost money and when your not getting anyone listening to it or if they do it's only for a few minutes at a time it's not worth keeping it going, not for just a couple of people that like I said only listen to it once a week. So please don't ask me what's happened to it and that's a shame, these things cost money, money I don't mind paying I'd people are listening to it but when no one does it's not worth it. So the stream has gone for now. Will it return? I don't know. If I get more people asking about it I might but at the moment I've had two people ask me what's happened and that makes it a waste of time and bandwidth. So Music24 has gone and at the present time it won't be back.

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