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As of 10pm on Friday the 27th of May 2016 the Music24 radio stream will be off line. It will stay this way until further notice. I have decided to shut it down as it wasn't getting used and a waste of bandwidth. I have been checking the listener logs and there was only ever one or two people listening for about two songs and then gone.

I know some were having issues with it but after looking into it and with my ISP's help we were able to track down that 82% of issues were not my end but people complained about it. This has played a part in why I have removed the Music24 page from my website and shut down the server.

If you want to have Music24 back online then please let me know either via my Facebook account or contact me via my website. So until further notice the radio stream will be off line, dead. The link will not work. There will be no dead air. If you have bookmarked Music24's link it will now error out.

I just can't keep it online for just a couple of people listening for a few minutes a week. If I had more people listening for longer and if I walked up to the server and saw there was someone connected and listening that would be great but this is not happening.

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