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Friends For Life

Throughout my life I've had to deal with all type of people. Some would say they're your friend but run a mile when things get all too hard. Then there were other friends that would be with you through the good and bad times. These ones are true friends but then you find out it was all bullshit and they never cared about you. All they wanted was to use you. Then you had those friends that you can talk to about anything and they will never judge you, they will go out of their way to help you. It's is last one that's the worse. For ages they are your best friend until you stuff up, you trust people you should and the you end up with nothing. A true friend will be standing besides you, helping you and catching you when you fell. I have had all these type of friends in my life. I've had friends that I thought would still friends until I die but again you find out this is not true.

It takes a strong person to admit they did wrong, it takes a stronger person to except this from that move and even bigger to be forgiven. When you say sorry to a person for all the bad things you have done and they say don't worry it's all in the past, it's not like we can change that, but you dins out this person still holds a lot of hate towards you what do you do? Do you try and change this or do you just walk away?

Walking away will more than likely make things worse but does that matter when inside this person they really hate you? Do you try and fix things or do you just move on and very get about it? I have people around me that would help me either way I choose to go. I just have to choose which road to take.

Over the last few months has told me a lot about this person. I truly thought this person wasn't like this but it's very clear on the information ive been told that even thou you his person has said one thing they really mean the complete opposite. Clearly this person is no longer the person you thought they were and some of what they say means totally nothing. I've learnt to not take crap from others and to not waste your time on those type of people.

I'm I disappointed, hell yes, am I surprised? No. Am I to blame, yes but all all the time. Some I know won't agree with this but that's just too bad. It those people that need to get over themselves and wake up the world does not rotate around them.

Over the last few years I have sat down and made some changes in my life. I studied hard and got my radio amateur licence (as you can see on this website). I've also been lucky enough to be asked to join the Broadcast Australia company and also asked to join with BTS Networks to look after the three TV and radio broadcast sites in town and to be on call if there is an outage so I can go out and fix it (hopefully) and get the service back on the air. This is big news and it's just a pity my parents can't see this. I just hope my father is looking down on me and would be finally proud of me for what I've been able to do. As for my mother well I wish she could see me now. So much has changed but I guess that's something they'll never see, it's a real shame but it's something I can't change.

Anyhow there is no point going on about it when these things are totally out of your control. It's a bit like saying you wish you could turn back time. If I could I would, there is so many things I would like to know why and what happened in my life. Today I just sat and wait for what tomorrow will bring. Can only hope that one day my life's will change. I can never fix the past but I can surely fix the future and make sure history doesn't repeat itself. Oh who I'm I kidding, we're talking about me, I'm always screwing up things.


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