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Enough With the BS

It's been a hot Summer, while we've had a few days above 40ºc. Currently we have a cool change and temps have dropped to about 30ºc for the next few days and then we're back into the high 30's low 40's. 

I'm not really a fan of the hot weather these days. I guess it's a sign of old age lol. This hot weather makes it hard for me to do maintenance works on my antennas. I have to do some maintenance on them as I have one antenna that has failed plus I'm wanting to build a couple more antenans for if or when I get my tower up. I just don't know if I'll ever get it. I have a friend that has said will help me do repairs on it and I know this person will but it's hte other people I'm going to need help from that's my concern. I seem to get mixed messages and really I'm gettign a little sick of it. I guess I'll have to wait until it's time and see what happens but it does make it hard to plan things out.

I'm one of these people that hate bullshit and have no time for fake people. I join groups to learn and to help others but I don't join them to deal with bullshit. With people that don't listen because they think they are better then anyone else. If you don't like what others do, then do it yourself. I'm really over it and I've lost interest in some of it. When you get kicked in the gut why should anyone be bothered anymore.

Anyhow I'm not going to go on with it, I'll just sit back and say nothing. This way I won't get put down. I have enough issues with being out down as I've had to put up with it all my life. I was really hoping not to have to put up with that anymore but I guess I was wrong. I must say thou, this doesn't happen in the amateur radio groups I'm apart of.


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