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Today I was finally put through my site inductions for the Broadcast Australia (BA). I was taken through all the normal safety stuff plus had to know how to log on and log off with the NOC (Network Operation Centre). I was also handed over the keys to the BA sites. I'm still waiting for the my Telstra EAC (Electronic Access Card) so I can have access to the BA site at the local telephone exchange.

All 3 hours of being taken through some of the things I might need to do if I'm called out to a fault and been given a run down of the equipment and what each piece of equipment does I know have a much better idea of what could go wrong. I had a note pad to write things down so I could then type up a reminder note for each site. I learnt a bit more about their sites and the equipment in them. 

One of the BA sites is apart of a BTS (Broadcast Transmission Services), which is a partnership between WIN TV and Prime 7. So accessing this site I have to be able to ring and log on and off with their NOC as well as with BA's NOC. I have been asked if I also want to join with BTS and be their FIM also. I have said yes to them, so I'm just waiting to hear back from them. Now that I've got my name in their books it should take much longer to hear back from them. I guess they have to get it passed their management first :) 

So today I had a big day but so glad I've gotten that side of things over with. Like I said I"m still waiting on my Telstra EAC to come and once that's here I'm fully ready for any type of callout. Of course it's not like there is a callout every week.

I have always wanted to work with a company like Broadcast Australia. I mean I'm not emplyeed by them, I only get paid if I get called out and like I said that might only be 2 or 3 times a year but I can still learn from this and that can only be a good thing. 

How did I get to this point? Well the guy that put my name up for the position is a fellow amateur operator, VK3OF. I meet Rex last year at my local radio clubs meet up in Swan Hill. In fact it was on my birthday last year, 2014. I got to know this Rex over the year and I was even lucky enough for him to make me my 2m (VHF) 10 element yagi. I guess he saw something in me and knew I must know a little more about radios then I let on. I feel so lucky and I could say thank you enough to Rex for, I guess, believing in me and having the trust in me to be put into such a position.

I'm now a FIM (First In Maintainer) for Broadcast Australia (BA) and could be also a FIM for Broadcast Transmission Services (BTS) in the coming months.

I'm glad something is going right in my life for a change. I won't be stuffing this up like I have with everything else in my life. I had the chance back in the 80's but I decided getting pissed was more important.


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