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Becoming a Broadcast Australia FiM (First-in Maintainer)

As I wrote about the other week I was asked if I wanted to become a FiM (First-in Maintainer) for Broadcast Australia's (BA) Balranald sites. I received the paperwork the other week and this week I've had a couple of phone calls from BA. One of them was requesting my ABN, which at the time of the call I didn't have one. I used to have one for my company many many years ago but no more. So I've had to sign up for another one which I've now supplied to them.

Things seem to be happening very quickly now and for what I've been told it should be all completed within a week. Once I'm on their books I then need to have an induction done at their sites here in town. I need to learn the paperwork I need to fill out on site and how to ring the NOC (National Operation Centre) so they can turn alarms off and allow me to access the sites. Then I need to complete a Telstra induction so I can be given the keys to their site. So I still have a bit to do before it's fully completed. 

I'm really looking forward to doing this. I know there won't be too many times I'll be called out, about 2 or 3 times a year but it's enough for me to learn about it all and it gives me something else to put on my list of things I've done in my life. I just wished I had taken the road to the left all those years ago but stupid me tok the road to the right. You live and learn I guess.

I'm over the moon that someone has seen something in me to think I would do a good job. Liek I said to them, I'll do my best every time :) The way I see it all is I'm getting a great birthday present this year. it's not going to make me rich money wise but it's going to make me rich in knowledge and that it the best thing. 


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