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About a month or so ago a friend of mine, well a fellow amateur radio operator I meet, helped me get a equipment cabinet so I could clean up my room a bit. He also built me a 11 element yagi antenna for use on the amateur 2 metre band (VHF). While I was picking this up he said to me that he should get some paperwork for me to fill out so I could maintain the TV sites in Balranald. I thought to myself I'll believe it when I see it type of thing. I'm not saying he was talking shit or anything but because he works for one of the big transmission companies in the country and thought I wouldn't be good enough for it.

Anyhow last Thursday 8th of October I received an email from him about this subject and telling me to fill out the attached forms. These forms was for me to become a FIM (First In Maintainer) for Broadcast Australia (BA). The sites I would have to look after, when I'm called out, would be the three sites in Balranald. These sites are the ABC DTV and radio sites and SBS TV site. I have completed all the forms and no waiting on my induction that needs to be done at one or all of the sites here and then keys can be given. I will also need to complete a Telstra induction as one of the BA sites is at the Telstra exchange here. I might even get to help out at other sites in Hay and Ivanhoe. There is also a chance I might get signed up by BTS (WIN TV) to look after their site here but I won't hold my breath as they already have a person here to look after the site.

This is big news for me and will allow me to learn more stuff. I have done some broadcast stuff before back in the early 80's but nothing ever since. I guess I'm not an idiot like some people think I am. So in the coming months I'll have to do a bit of work and I guess more paperwork. I've also wanted to work for a company like Broadcast Australia. Their sites here in Balranald are not high powered sites, in fact the highest power from their transmitters is 100 watts. No more than what my amateur station transmits. The DTV (digital TV) transmitters here are only about 10 watts, so nothing super high power.

So thank you Rex, VK3OF for seeing something in me and putting my name up for this position. 


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