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Another Year Down

Last night I went over to Greenham Park here in Balranald to see the fireworks at midnight. The fireworks were great like they always are but I think they had a malfunction at the end and not all fireworks went off, but still there was about 8 minutes of them. Other years it was up around 10 minute. A good event but some forward thinking needs to be done for next years event. Running around at the last minute trying to light up areas knowing you had the same issues the year before and before that. But with these little faults it was still a good night. In fact this year it was a very uneventful night, even the police had an easy night. Everyone was very well behaved even thou there were the normal idiots there that think the night is about them. But all in all a great night for families to enjoy.

In other years I've always taken one of my cameras along to get video of the fireworks but this year I decided not to take them as I didn't want to be worrying about them and like always I decided to rely on my iPhone to take the video. I wasn't sure how this was going to work but I thought what the hell give it a go. After watching the video back I was very surprised by just how good it turned out. The iPhone 6 Plus did a very good job of it seeing it was taking video of a night and only had a spilt second to focus. There is a couple of times when it loses focus but it quickly regains it. Every time I use the iPhone 6 Plus' camera I'm surprised by the just how good the photos or videos are. I know there nothing like a DSLR or a good video camera but for everyday use it's above the normal, in my mind way above what the iPhone 5 could do.

Here si the video of the fireworks from Greenham Park NYE in Balranald. 

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