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Christmas 2014

It's almost another Christmas Day over with for another year.

It was another quiet one for me, just like other years. I went around to friends for a few hours this afternoon. I had a good afternoon talking with friends and having a couple of (soft) drinks. Even went for a 6km walk after tea. It was a lovely night with very little wind but the wind has picked up a bit now. Sitting back watching a couple of my TV shows relaxing. I'm going to pull down the Christmas lights after new years. Just have to now get ready for New Years Eve next week and for the fireworks. 

I've had a little bit of a play with a light bar and worked out the wiring for the different lights. I know this is going to be pointless but it gives me something to do. Got to keep my mind busy. 

Christmas for me is just another day for me these days. I guess once you get to my age these type of days like birthdays is just another day.

Anyhow I hope everyone had a great Christmas Day.

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