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Bad iPhone & iPad Apps

Since getting my first iPhone which was the iPhone 3GS, I've taken a lot of notice to the apps I've purchased and installed on my iPhone. Like all the products I've purchased, one of the things I hate the most is companies not updating their software or firmware for their products. One of this apps, which I loved using was iStat for iPhone. Since Apple released the iPhone 4 this app has not worked correctly and after contacting them many times and getting the same answer, "we're working on it" nothing happens. How bloody hard can it be to fix the problem and release an update? I'm now having the same issue with Netgear and their 3G wireless routers they sell in Australia. These router work with the phone carriers USB modems. Telstra last month publicly released their new 4G LTE network and are now only supplying these new USB modems to their customers. If your old one breaks down and you need it replaced Telstra will only supply you with one of their 4G modems. Now this is great if you plug the modem straight into your computer and don't want to share the connection with other devices like your iPhone or iPad. If you have a 3G router like Netgear's your out of luck, these new modems won't work. Now I hear you saying, well of course it won't work, the router is for 3G networks and not 4G. Well I ask this, how on earth is the router going to know what network the modem is working with? All that is needed is a firmware update so the router know how to connect. I connected Netgear about this and was told they have no plans to update this router to handle the new Telstra 4G modems. What the!!!! Telstra is the biggest telco in Australia and Netgear is saying, oh well we don't care about their customers. Very stupid in my mind. I now have a wireless router I can't use and now have an issue of sharing my connection with my other devices. NOT HAPPY.

Now talking about being not happy and poor service from software makers, I now start on the biggest company's that don't give a shit, FaceBook. The other month they released an updated app for the iPhone and with this update they brought support for the iPad. This is great news if the stupid app worked. This app has clearly not been tested enough, it fails to load, only half works and at times just doesn't load pages or allow you to scroll down. All these issues if it even loads without crashing. I have now deleted the app and gone back to using Safari for FaceBook.

I really HATE companies that show they don't give a shit about their customer/users. Its even worse when you have paid for the app. Lift your game people or else I will not use your products and I will tell others to do the same.


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