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It's been a few days now since Apple released iOS 5 to the world and after playing with it now for a few days I'm liking it but not totally. The issue I'm having with it is iMessage. I have a few friends, yes I do have friends, and they either own iPhones or iPads. Some of them only own a iPad and this is where things break down. One of my friends have a Nokia 2730 mobile and a iPad. They have signed up to use iCloud and iMessage. This shouldn't be an issue but when you go to send them a SMS from my iPhone to their mobile, the iPhone sends it as a iMessage. This would be fine if I was sending it to their iPad but sending a SMS via iMessage to a phone that can't understand iMessages is a bit stupid. With the iPhone sending it via iMessage is either adding (about) 5 to 10 minutes to the turn the SMS is send to the time it's received can be an issue. In some cases they never receive the SMS. Sending a SMS from iPhone to iPhone or iPad to iPad works fine, in fact it's very fast.

The way I would have though Apple would have had iMessage working would be like the following,

Sending a text message to a mobile number is would be sent as a normal SMS, if you send a text message to a Apple ID, eg; email address it would be sent as a iMessage. Having it set up to send as a iMessage by default is adding time to when a text message is sent and received. In some cases making it totally useless.

I do hope Apple looks into this and fixes this in an update to iOS very soon.

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