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Domain Moved

Today I got my domain name pointing to my new Squarespace website. So now it's no longer pointing to my Mobile Me website. I'm a little disappointed that Apple is closing down there iWeb app as I found it very easy to use. I now just have to work out how to design and manage this new web service. Like iCloud and iOS 5 I'll work it out over time and get used to it.

At this moment I'm really liking that I ca use an app on either my iPhone or iPad to update my blog and post to it. This makes it much easier to post and I don't have to worry about having my laptop nearby to post to my blog. It why I used to like VOX when it was around. You could email posts into it from your phone but it was very basic and you would have to login into it once you got home or to your computer to fix it up. Of course this was all pre iPhone days and when the only real smartphones that we're around we're phones like Nokia's N95 and the like.

Anyhow that's enough playing for one night.

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