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About Me


I live in what used to be country Victoria but these days the open paddocks are gone and there is new housing estates and shopping centres. This is why I moved to Werribee, it was like moving to the country but close enough to work in the city. It's amazing just how much the place has changed when I returned back from WA. 

You used to be able to drive down the back roads and look at wild rabbits playing in the paddocks but now they have sealled the roads and built more shopping centres. It's a shame as Werribee was always known as the "country suburb".

Before living here I was living in Esperance on the south coast of Western Australia and I was only a 2 minutes walk from the beach which was great in summer. The only thing is now is where I'm living it gets very hot in Summer, in fact temps of over 40ºc can last many days and even weeks at a time. The house I’m in is air conditioned but everyone knows it’s not cheap running an air con all the time. People ask me do I miss living in Esperance and I say NO. In fact I'm a lot happier being back over in the east again. WA is a holiday state, lovely to visit but not to live. It's a lovely clean state and they have wonderful beaches and that but for the normal things like shopping it's years behind the rest of the country. I was so happy to get back over to this side of the country.

Since returning back to this side of the country I've joined with the local rescue squad here and I've studied and got my amateur radio licence back. I always thought I was missing something in my life and it was the fact I wasn't doing what I love, playing with radios. I can't play with the powerful stuff anymore but I can enjoy the hobby once again. I've been a member of the local rescue squad since 2008 and have been out to some really bad crashes but they'll all not bad jobs. It can be very rewarding, being able to help others. I've been awarded a Green Cross in rescue after a job our squad attended at Easter a few years back. I've learnt a lot since joining and I enjoy it. I can't do a lot of the really heavy stuff but that's fine. We have a great group of members and we help each other out. 

Like I said, I'm also an amateur (Ham) radio operator. My call sign is VK2PNH and I also have the callsign VK3PNH. My first callsign was VK2FABN back when I held a Foundation licence. You can read all about my amateur stuff on it's own web page (click on my callsign). I also hold an amateur radio repeater licence, VK2RBL